Boosting Pack & Options Explaination

Our service come with a lot of options, if you not fully understand all of them, you can check the detail of each option here:
  • Server: the server your account being played on, each server will have different data so make sure you choose the correct server you playing.
  • Schedule: schedule your boosting time so you won't collide with the booster. But still, don't play ranked match until the order is fully finished because it's affect the progress of the booster.
  • Specific Roles: choose the role you want the booster to play. Although booster can ask for your permission to extend the roles if the match get too hard to play at a specific bracket. 
  • Play My Champion: the booster will play the champions you requested. Same as specific roles, if the champion is too hard to play at the specific bracket/role, booster can ask you to extend the champion pool too.
  • Choose Booster: choose a specific booster for your order, you will never miss out your favorite booster again.
  • Maximum Acceleration: speed up the boost, we will complete your boost as fast as possible.
  • Priority Order: your order will go into our Priority queue, reduce the maximum wait time to find a booster to under 6 hours. Very useful if you want to make sure your order get taken up early in a crowded waiting line.
  • Private Streaming: booster will stream for you via Discord or Youtube private link, so you can watch the booster boosting your account live. Only you can watch the stream.
  • Solo Queue: booster will play in solo queue only.
  • Don't Spam 1 Champion: booster will play various champions to make it look natural
Our service also come with different boosting pack that fit your need too. Understand about our pack to get the most suitable one for you!
Eco Plus Ultimate
Price Lowest Normal Full
Booster Rank Master Grandmaster Challenger
Start Time 12-24 hours 8-12 hours 1-4 hours
Choose Server Yes Yes Yes
Specific Role No Yes Yes
Play My Champions No Yes Yes
Schedule No Yes Yes
Choose Booster No No Yes
Priority Order No No Yes
Maximum Acceleration No No Yes
Private Streaming No No Yes
Solo Queue No No Yes
Don't Spam 1 Champion No No Yes