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Dota 2

Immortal [ 283 ] | MMR: 8630 - Behavior: 10000

Immortal [ 283 ] | MMR: 8630 - Behavior: 10000

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  • Main Roles: Midlane, Safelane
  • Main Heroes: Chaos knight, Pudge, Huskar
  • Hours played: 4406 Hour
  • Dota 2 Level: 88
  • Phone Number: Activated
  • Steam Market : Activated
  • DotaPlus Shard: 25,205
  • Special: Nigma.MindControl & Lilgun.Sanctity in friend list
  • DotaPlus Sibscriber since 7/8/2019
Battle Pass TI6-10

  • TI 9: Level 297
  • TI 10: Level 783
  • TI 11: Level 7
  • Many Immortal Skins & Not Tradable Sets, Cache Sets inside

  • Limited The International / Battle Pass Skins:

  • [TI9] Majesty of the Colossus (Tiny)

  • [TI10] Sanctums of the Divine terrain
  • [TI10] The Disciple's Path (Anti Mage Persona)
  • [TI10] The One True King (WK Arcana)
  • [TI10] Eminence of Ristul
  • [TI10] The Toy Butcher (Pudge Persona)
  • [TI10] Compass of the Rising Gale (WR Arcana)

  • [Dota Plus] The Silver Fox (Sniper)
  • [Dota Plus] Masks of Mischief (Monkey King)
  • [Dota Plus] Contested Fate (Centaur Warrior)
  • [Dota Plus] Memories of the Vow Eternal (Medusa)
  • and more...

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Well, it was smooth. I received the login credentials after a few mins. I just need to practice in higher ranks to improve my skills & mindset.


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